What are JEJEMONS?

No, they are not relatives of Pokemons or Digimons...or Sailormon..

Simply put, they are this group of people that just likes to put too much effort in:

  • Typing --> because they just can't figure out whether they want every other letter in small caps or in all caps. example: tHiS iS aN ExAmPlE aLReAdY!!!
  • Texting --> they are not satisfied with just the correct spelling. example:  "where do you live" is sent as "wEr d0~ u lIve"
  • Laughing --> instead of LOL or Hehehehe, they use Jejejeje.
  • usernames--> too many characters and numbers. example:  ~sexhy.^.ghurl~0690
  • publicity --> they now have more than 100,000 search results in Google.

Wait... Are you one of them?


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