Thursday, April 29, 2010

What are JEJEMONS?

No, they are not relatives of Pokemons or Digimons...or Sailormon..

Simply put, they are this group of people that just likes to put too much effort in:

  • Typing --> because they just can't figure out whether they want every other letter in small caps or in all caps. example: tHiS iS aN ExAmPlE aLReAdY!!!
  • Texting --> they are not satisfied with just the correct spelling. example:  "where do you live" is sent as "wEr d0~ u lIve"
  • Laughing --> instead of LOL or Hehehehe, they use Jejejeje.
  • usernames--> too many characters and numbers. example:  ~sexhy.^.ghurl~0690
  • publicity --> they now have more than 100,000 search results in Google.

Wait... Are you one of them?

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