The Blue Speckled Diary in ALEXA!

I just updated my site info in Alexa, and they say it will be ready within two days. But so far, their initial analysis of this blog has come up with really good results!

For me, that's pretty ok... not the best I can do with it, but given all the competition, that's really good already. And I also just found out that most of my visitors are older than myself... hmmm.. Doesn't matter, I ove my readers!

Other details from Alexa are:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank:   2,744,766 
  • Sites Linking In:   67 
  • Top 5 High impact Search Queries relevant to the site are:  muriatic acid, miniatures, marvelous marvin, on facebook, and dairy farm

Please do continue supporting this blog, ok? maybe spread a little good word or two?




  1. Great blog you have!

    I've been constantly checking my Alexa Rank, too.

    My Cebu blog is still way behind yours but it is dropping in numbers daily (increasing in ranks).

    Thanks for the follow on Twitter.

    Gotta check your blog more often.
    Actually, I include you in my blogroll.

  2. To tel you the truth I dont understand Alexa. How do I increase my presence in the web?That I wanna know so that In can promote my site about investing in the Philippines and also my other blogs


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