Money Changers in the Airport

It’s currently 11:05am as I’m composing this, waiting for our flights boarding. I’m right here inside a coffee shop, thinking that there might be WiFi, but the heck, there isn’t. Not even the weakest signal. And I realized, my laptop requires an adapter. Wehehe.

Anyway, being my usual self, I spend my waiting time watching other people, and even when I’m not auditing, some things just sometimes reveal itself.

There was this guy, wearing the “usual” flowery shirt and pants, the typical get up for

people who find some kind of work in airports welcoming or ushering people or something to that effect. I thought he had a job in this coffee shop, but to my surprise – well, no better word, but I guess I wasn’t really surprised – he took out a wad of bills from his pocket, foreign bills because they looked nothing like the local Philippine money, and walked towards a table of chinky-eyed people and talked in hushed tones while discreetly showing the bills to the foreigners. Hmmm… It was looking a little interesting. And so I continued spying.

The guy who definitely works for the coffee shop by clearing out tables and offering the service lighter – lighters are not allowed to be sold in the airport – caught me looking intently at what this flowered-shirt guy was doing. And on this guy’s way out of the coffee shop, the service-lighter guy tapped him on his shoulder murmured something, looked at me, and bade a discreet goodbye to flower-shirt guy. Well, well, well… Looked a little fishy, but I was in no mood to go for fuss.

So, ATTENTION TO AIRPORT AUTHORITIES: Would you kindly look onto this matter? Something tells me this is one of those modus operandi that our beloved ingenious colleagues sometimes device just to make extra money. So please, lets do something before al our airports are rumored to be syndicate-laden.


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