Lawmakers Vote on Motion to Declare Speakership Vacant

Members of the Congress spent hours and hours last night (Feb 4) voting and explaining their respective votes regarding the motion to declare the speakership vacant – meaning, they were voting to vacate JDV’s position as Speaker of the House.

Before this votation was the privilege speech of JDV that lasted just about 59 minutes wherein he voiced out his emotions and other thoughts including the notion that this move of Nograles to have him kicked out of speakership is all a plot to get back at him for what his son Joey did to the First Family, that is, instigated that the First Gentleman was involved in the well publicized ZTE scandal.

Some of the votes I heard while patiently watching the very tedious session were as follows:

  • Tony Boy Cuenco: “a vigorous NO!”
  • Datumanong: {I forgot, sorry…}
  • Zamboanga City Rep: “affirmative”
  • Actor Danny Hernandez: ‘wag naman nating baliwalain ang ating mga neophyte Congressmen and women” – {he forgot to say his vote because of his ‘speech’ but it was a YES}
  • Pablo Garcia: “with sadness and regret, I vote YES”
  • Rexlon Gatchalian: “…of Valenzuela took chances with this 29-year-old versus a political veteran….status quo doesn’t work well…with this Valenzuelano….my vote is YES”
  • Rolio Golez: “the movant didn’t even explain why he wanted to move the position vacant…my vote goes with the monirity – I ABSTAIN”

Also present in the session were JDV’s spouse, Manay Gina and his son Joey.

{Feb 5: Right now, the Speaker of the House is Nograles.}


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