the 4,000 mark

V'been blogging for a while now, and I've noticed that traffic to my blog has dwindled a bit... Maybe because I posted less as time passed by, but heck, I've reached some kind of milestone!

According to my counter, there has already been 4,006 visits to this blog as I'm typing this (excluding my visits, of course)...

And the visitors came from 100+ countries already! Wow. That should have been nice if I only knew how to convert site visits into money properly/correctly. So far, no good feedback from my adsense ads, and I've stopped making posts to pay-per-post-like sites because there are times when they ask for posts and my mind just kind of closes up. Hmm. Something in my brain. Anyway...

I think, since I'm in a different environment now, I'm back where I first started my blogging "career", I can make up for lost time and internet connection and update my blogs regularly - again.

So, cheers to The Blue Speckled Diary for having 4,000+ visits, and hope to have more visits added to that in a few days. See ya!


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