Are You Watching Closely?

Every magic trick consists of three parts, or acts:

The Pledge, where a magician takes an ordinary thing and shows it to the audience. He shows you this object to see that it is indeed real- normal. But of course, it probably isn't.

The Turn, when the magician turns this ordinary thing into something extraordinary. Now you're looking for the secret but you won't find it because of course, you're not really looking. You really don't want to know. You want to be fooled. But you won't clap yet because making something disappear is not enough, you have to bring it back - that's why every magic trick has the third act, the hardest, the part we call...


The Prestige is a movie showing two friends and partners Alfred Borden(Christian Bale) and Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) who, because of one trick going foul, became bitter rivals. The conflict started when Borden wanted to do more, to be his own magician, and by doing so, killed Angier's wife when a trick went foul in one of the shows they used to perform in. Because of this tragedy they parted ways, and from then on decided to uncover each others' secrets in all the tricks that they knew how to perform, starting when Borden performed the ultimate trick, The Transported Man. Things went on to be bitter and bitter until all became too much to handle and became an obsession for the two men.

Okay, enough of the summary thing.. Hehe..

This movie is quite an attention grabber, not because of the story itself, but by how it was adapted as screen play. One missed scene and you would really have to ask someone you were watching with to explain to you what you've missed. Missing scenes in this movie would make you NOT understand the whole story. Good for me, I saw it in a local cable channel.

Want me to tell you what happened? Hmm?
Not in this lifetime. Watch it for yourself.

But here are some nifty tips that will surely ruin the excitement if you haven't watched it and have decided to watch it...



1. Borden has a twin.
2. Lord Coldlow (i think i misspelled it) is Angier.
3. the Tesla machine works like a cloning device.
4. Cutter knows all along about every thing.

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  1. I adore the movie. Really, really excellent. I watched it for the nth time a couple of weeks ago and I still had the same intense feeling that i felt the first time i saw it.


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