Taking a Break Seems Rational

My nose is getting irritated as of this moment because my "temporary" officemate decided to buy a perfume he wasn't quite aware of the effect (it actually smells like natural ugly body odor, Mike..) and he is now officially in my "annoying" things/persons list. God, I hate the smell - and he says it's a perfume. Duh, bite me.

Anyway, I'm realizing now that I really don't like my job right now, I'd rather have a business of my own of some sort. Maybe a bookkeeping company or something like that. Something that's not non-routinary, but entirely routine work also... {--->read the rest below}

If possible I'd like to change career paths right now without having to lose the income I get from my current job, and staying online blogging about it won't keep me alive that long. I couldn't find a niche right now, and scatteredly blogging about almost everything won't drive in the cents. Pay-to-blog schemes don't quite appeal to me also because most of the time, if I'm just purely obligated to blog about something, I lose all energy and then have a writer's block. Terrible.

Hmmm. I was thinking about setting up my own bookkeeping firm, how about that? Think I can handle that. How about, helping to set up a photo studio? I can do a bit of editing, and my guy can do the photography, even all the editing thing if he wants to. Think I can manage being the "woman behind the man"... Hehe. Yeah right.

Anyway, I also thought I can go back to that pay-to-blog thingy I almost had going on right until I started ignoring the request for posts. Yeah, I can do that again. Just have to concentrate and focus more and use these sudden writing urges I get when I'm plenty bored with whatever else I was doing. Hmmm.

Or, I can just stop thinking that I'm starting to hate my job and have "renewed" enthusiasm over it, try to ignore that there has been, and there will always be, the strong power play within the directors and officers of the company, and just try to do what I can, right? Right. As long as I get paid, then all is just quite right.

But I still want my own little firm.


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