Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's day today, and everybody's question is "Who is your Valentine?"

Well, who is my Valentine? Hmmm. Intrigued? No need. A lot of people in my workplace sort of has the same comment - I look good. Oh really? I think I know why.

In some of my previous posts in this blog, I actually was blabbering about this guy. This and that. Whatever and whatever. He used to be my ex. And for some reason, we got back together. Crazy, isn't it? We {the two of us} sometimes think it's a little puzzling, funny, silly, crazy, or some other word that works the same. Yeah, it got so berserk at a point or two. But - only God knows - we're now a "we" again.

Hmmmm, so what's in it for us today? Nothing. Phone calls. If we get lucky, then maybe emails. We're in different islands right now for crying out loud! He's working, I'm working. We miss each other. We just can't fly off and see each other. But hey, maybe a little distance every once in a while might do us some good.

Anyway, he's coming here, maybe on the 19th. So...

Go figure.


  1. Girl, long distance romances suck big time. I had one and all it ever gave me was heart ache. Get yourself somebody who is close enough so you can go over and grab any time you want... life is too short to rack up expensive phone bills!


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