A Post-Valentine's Day Post

Wohkay... Just got off the phone with my guy and aside from the fact that he's a little feverish right now, he's OK...

He's in a mall in Davao City right now, eating lunch... I told him in one of those wait-a-minute kind of moments that he's actually in one of the places we loved walking around in when we were in high school. He sounded fascinated. Just imagine, you're right...

there sitting in one of the restaurants that your girlfriend used to eat in. Cool, eh?

Anyhow, he's planning on clarifying whether he'd go through with the travel-to-my-friend's-town kinda thing, and I think he's too stumped right now to even push through with it. I just feel a little sad that I can't take care of him right when he's feeling a little sick. Last night he told me he felt like he has a fever. I think that fever will really push it's way up his skin today. Oh I hope he goes back home and take a good rest. I just wish I was there for him.

Let's change topics. As I'm typing this, I'm feeling a little, ummmm, how should I term it, excited? Well, not really excited excited, but I'd like the hours of today to go by really fast 'coz it's payday today and as what I told my guy last night, I wanted to buy new shoes. Not because I just wanted to, but because I need to. My office shoes are already in pieces. The only thing holding it together is the insole... haha... Crazy. And if possible, I'd like a digicam too.


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