Lethally Pointy Heels

Fortunately for me, it was payday last Friday, and so I have a chance to finally, buy a new pair of shoes for office wear. Hehe.

I was using an old pair of fairly flat shoes which, is really on the brink of breaking down, the only thing that’s holding it all together is the fabulous insoles. So I decided to go out last Saturday and take an unplanned tour of the nearest shopping mall, and hey, found a pair I can work with.

I walked around for let’s say, 30-40 minutes, determined to hunt down a nice pair of heels that can actually fit into my budget. I was feeling ok because I was at the same time getting some exercise into my system. I usually brisk-walk when I’m alone so as to fend off observing eyes as mine, still being alert of potential buys.

So I finally went to the department store area, because I was getting this funny feeling that the trend of shoes I was looking at at the boutiques were a bit too much for my feet structure. Finally came across a nice pair and immediately turned it over to look at the price tag. Voila! Fits right
into my budget.

I didn’t opt for really high heels, but when I tried ‘em on, I felt – towering! Even asked the saleslady if it was too high for me. And as we all would expect, the reply was, “No ma’am. They look great. Are you going to get that?”

Funny, because I got used to flats for about 2 months and it felt like I was walking on 3-inch heels. But they’re actually just about 2 inches – which was already quite great with slacks and even with skirts. It wasn’t too flashy, just a basic black leather pair, just with really pointy heels.

I’ve called these kinds the lethally pointy heels because back in college, we had this inside joke that stilettos on me can be fairly lethal. With my temper and all.

Took a picture of it with a cute alienic thing dangling over. Hehe.


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