Bet Oprah Couldn't Do That!

Have you in your craziest state of mind, tried or even thought of trying to eat a piece of dog food? Well, heck, I haven't, but Ellen did - on national television.

This is kind of redundant to say the least, but I was just really fascinated that Ellen Degeneres was so, well, into it that she just popped a piece of dog food right into her mouth and crunched away! Even said that "This is not bad." It just made me wonder, because of her antics, I believe a lot of people can identify with her as a host - and a good one at that for being able to completely relate to her audience by letting them feel that she's one of them. Not the typical "I'm the host, so I shouldn't be doing anything like that." kind of thing. I know you get what I mean.

Anyway, I'm a little bored right now, and I really don't want to dive right into my auditing work just yet. I have this heavy feeling in my tummy right now, so maybe I'd just take a look around the blogging world for a while and read a few more posts that what I usually do. I also leave comments when I feel like doing so, and so, no need to worry.



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