I have an Impending Headache.

After almost half a day talking to the phone, maybe an hour reading emails and replying, and another few minutes deciding what to do next, I actually have an impending headache. By impending headache I must've meant that my headache is at it's initiation point, it's just about to start. You can...

actually feel the throbs starting and trying to make me feel that "Hey, I am a headache. And I am going to inflict pain on you just about now."

Goodness. This is crazy. The last thing I worked on in the provincial office just turned sour. They have just recommended an administrative hearing, and it's all going berserk from thereon. That darn report may just be the key to an administrative hearing that can uncover several other "anomalies" and it's driving me nuts. Even if I'm miles and miles away from that office, I feel the effect because now, they're trying to put the blame on me for not discussing my findings with the auditee.

Which is crazy! Because in the first place, while that report was ongoing investigation, my superior told me not to discuss with the person involved because it might bring about certain "complications" and now, she's saying the whole thing blew out of proportion because I didn't discuss it with the people. Good lord, what the heck does she really want?!

I really can't blame her for being so fickle-minded, but please, stop blaming me for doing my darn job! --> When I do my job, she blames me for whatever wrong happens next, and when I don't do my job, she also gets angry because she says I'm not doing anything. Can someone please clarify this?! I'm starting to get fed up.


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