Christmas in Zamboanga Sibugay

I'm gonna be spending my two weeks vacation here in Zamboanga Sibugay with my family... Haven't been here since the wake of my grandmother last June.

Hmm, so far, here are the details:
  1. We (BF and me) brought in 7 bags in total - which includes 1 stone two-burner stove.... waaaah!!!
  2. The travel took - 7 hours to Dumaguete, 4 hours from Dumaguete to Dapitan, and about 4 hours Dapitan to Zamboanga Sibugay! Sheeesh... Looooonnggg journey.....
  3. I've eaten and drank about 2 slices of chocolate, 4 biscuits, 1 bowl of soup, 3 glasses of softdrinks, 1 glass of water, 4 pieces of Sinigang na Pork, and a few bits of dried mango bits.
  4. Took a bath and prepared the bed.
  5. watched tv and talked with mommy.
  6. wrote 1 post to update my lovely folks! (sorry I have no pictures yet... I forgot to bring my bluetooth dongle too... darn...)
  7. Brushed my teeth, and gonna prepare to sleep... BFs already snorin' his lungs out...



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