Christmas Parties and Family Feuds


Yes, everybody's on leave already - or at least filing for leaves. But the current buzz around The Office right now is what gift they received in the manito-manita and who the heck gave it to them.

They were overly fussing over the remote-controlled car that University gave China (don't mind the codenames; you won't decipher it as easily even if you try... hehehe! just read on...ihikhik). Funny thing was, it still had a price tag when China opened it. Hahaha.

And I, on the other hand, received a laptop skin... A yellow Winnie the Pooh Laptop skin... Hmmmm. Imagine.

Next up... The games proper. We had our version of Family Feud, and thanks to our IT guys, the effects were great - although we had a minor glitch at one of the questions, but it was workable. We all thought we won, but as it turned out, the group of Old MacDonald Had a Farm won! By just 7 points! Grrrh...

After about 2 sets of disco grooves from Indigo the group decided to play one last game - the classic "Bring Me" just for the heck of it, and then I believe they all left already. Most of the guys were all Santa Claus red, but not drunk enough to actually cause chaos. And today, they're still present, although a bit puffy in the eyes, and one of them I saw still wearing the same jersey shirt he wore last night. Hmmm... Fishy...

By December 22 or 23, The Office will be as quiet as halloween, but hey - it's Christmas, leave us alone.Hmph!

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