Vocabulary and Grammar: VERY IMPORTANT

As harsh as it sounds, vocabulary and grammar is surely a must when taking into consideration applications for specific job positions that may require report writing skills and face-to-face communication with both internal and external customers.

Something that most of our professionals and graduates now severely lack. These graduates and professionals I'm referring to came from state-of-the-art schools, or schools that are considered with very high standards. But it appears that that "high standard" has lowered as time passed by.

Right now, our graduates appear like nutshells when talking in front of large crowds or in front of a group of officers in a meeting. Duh. Even their writing skills are slowly dwindling. Straight and correct grammar is now a problem among our professionals. Something that is highly needed to be able to stay in position aside from your perseverance and technical skills. Vocabulary and grammar sits side by side charisma nowadays. So I beg your pardon, but please, do your vocabulary!

Good enough 'coz there's a site available to learn, or re-learn, your vocabulary. It may even help put with grammar itself! It's found here: eSpindle.

So if you have the time, and the guts to admit to yourself that your grammar sucks, go to eSpindle right away!

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