Waiting for Them: Politics in our Office

While waiting for two people to come down here in our office to discuss a report before it's release, I decided to post something up.

I noticed that my blog subscribers has dwindled to just 7 in a span of two weeks, most likely due to lesser updates/posts. So here it is. A post to update.
talk behind my back...
Let's go back to the matter at hand. Yes, we're waiting for two people to come barging in so we can calmly discuss the contents of our audit report, which basically may, or may not, ruin their day, or the rest of their week. An incident has already happened last week when another person allegedly gone berserk in their office after being reprimanded while on an important meeting with the BigBoss. Darn. My "kids" told me they saw and heard this person shouting his lungs out for being told or asked what's happening to his department. Hmmm. Our problem now is how to deflect evil eyes and annoying stares during lunch, and every other available time for them to stare and knock their selves out for talking about us, just to assume they have gotten even for talking behind our backs. Yeah right. Darn office politics.

Have to cut this post short. They're not yet here, but I have to do something else entirely irrelevant to what I typed in here. Haha. Cheers.

photo credit: http://www.acesperformance.com.sg


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