Pacquiao Wins, Marky's Dead, Dad's in the Net!

Today is the day after the famous fight of the year - Pacquiao and Dela Joya. Saw it live via webcast yesterday, and I was a tad disappointed. It appears as if Dela Joya deliberately wanted Pacquiao to win. Hmmm. Did you notice that too? How Oscar just wouldn't try half as hard as Manny did in the throwing of punches, and how carefree he appeared even when Manny was already pulverizing his face? Darn. It was NOT a very entertaining fight at all. But I enjoyed seeing Manny's punches hit Oscar's face. Hmmm.

And just as everyone was so happy about the result of the Dream Fight, Showbiz was grieving and a family was brokenhearted. Marky Cielo was found dead in his room early yesterday morning. There's my DAD!News reports say it was "bangungot", in English, a nightmare so strange that you can't move and breathe naturally and a few more minutes of it and you're dead. Basically, they say people who have "bangungot" also goes into cardiac arrest after a few seconds or so. Condolences to his family.

On the lighter side: Imagine my surprise and amusement upon receiving a text message (SMS) from my dad saying that I should buy today's issue of Philippine Star because Boy Abunda has already published his article on his experience in Zamboanga Sibugay.

So I replied, "I'll just look it up on the net." And voila! Darn. Dad's really on it! On the article itself and on the photo! Clipped it to have it posted here. Credits go to Philippine Star Entertainment Section. Harhar.


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