I am to Write my Own Screenplay!

I'm supposed to be inspired enough to write my very own screenplay, but I seem to be too busy at the time.

I know I can do it 'coz I've tried writing short stories during high school and as far as I remember I've managed to solicit the very same reactions I imagined the story can pull out from the readers. Hmmmm.

I already have the plot in mind, and the possible main characters, the only thing I have to whip up are the twist and turns themselves and most of the conversational lines.

Okay so I'm a long way from having my screenplay used and made into a real movie. But hey, I already know people who want the exposure and who are willing to set things up. Then comes the issue on who plays what in the movie. I wouldn't want my lines go to waste because the actors are DUMB. Right? I watched some locally made "projects" and the way the lines were delivered came to a point where it can be described as disgusting. Anyway, FYI, the project I'm talking about was not published or aired in real cinemas, it was really a project - school project or something. So, chill, k?

Hopefully I'd have some of my holiday break devoted to making my screenplay up.

*photo credits to: http://xianlandia.com


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