Another Favorite Super Heroine

I just remembered another heroine last night, it's Xena the Warrior Princess. I found a nice quote from one of the characters of the series Autolycus...

Autolycus: Distracts me? A beautiful woman lying naked in a bathtub?
Autolycus: ... Where was I?

According to Wikipedia,
Xena first appeared on the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys television series (in the episode The Warrior Princess airing in March 1995), as a seductive but treacherous warlord.[4] Two more episodes during May sweeps chronicled her evolution from a villain[5] to a friend and ally of Hercules.[6] Interest in her was so strong that shortly afterwards she became the main character of the spin-off series Xena: Warrior Princess. Ironically, although her character was originally obsessed with defeating Hercules and obtaining his title as the greatest living warrior, she never defeated "Zeus' Favorite Son". In fact, Hercules is the one credited with pointing her down the path of redemption when he beats her in combat and shows her that selfishness and greed are not the way to live.[6] In her own series, Xena sets out to redeem her murderous past by fighting against tyranny and evil and protecting the innocent and weak. Many of her adventures prior to the televised stories are subsequently revealed in flashback episodes (although much remained obscure).

Xena performs many feats that are considered outside the normal human range and border on that of a demigoddess. She may have been the mightiest purely mortal being ever to live (however, there are occasional hints that her true father is Ares.[8][9][30] This thread was generally dropped because of her romantic connection to Ares, which would then have been incest). While Xena does not possess the brute strength of her friend and ally Hercules, she can arm-wrestle warlords, punch through solid ice,[24] kick down doors, and knock out opponents with a single punch. Her greatest feat of strength to this day occurrs when she allows herself to be arrested for a crime she didn't commit.[31] Several men of that town come into her cell, where her hands and feet are chained, and began to beat her. The beating, combined with Ares urging and goading her on, sends Xena into a rage of pure adrenaline. She tears her chains out from where they are rooted and then kicks the thick prison door completely off of its hinges.[31] This is the only time where Xena shows that magnitude of strength, so it can be safely assumed that this is caused by a "fight or flight" like response.


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