"Race to a Free Review" Contest

Okay, here goes....

Since there have been comments already given to some of my post (thank you all so much), I also visited their sites, and now have finally decided to run this "Race to a Free Review" Contest here in Freshly Baked...

The mechanics is simple: just go ahead and visit my blog, read some posts and be kind enough to leave comments, I'm monitoring the comments thru Commentful and co.comment so don't you worry. Each person that reaches at least 10 comments in my blog will be given a surprise!

Hehe, not really a surprise... I will of course return the favor by reviewing your site/blog and of course including you to my Commentors' Hall of Fame - my blogroll for the people who left lots of comments in my site and whose blogs/sites I have reviewed in return.

Hope you'll find time to try it!


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