Being a Fairy

In my curiosity with the way how fairies looked and are designed I happen to come across a very childish yet cool Disney site, the Disney Fairies... I really found it cute the way you can create your own fairy, I mean you can decide how she'll look like, what kinda powers she'll have, the clothes that your fairy will wear, even the colors will be to your discretion!

It's a nice way to encourage the artistic side of kids if you already have one (or more...), just make sure that if you allow them to use the internet, you are around to supervise them. And after designing your fairy, you can also decide what to call her, and later on, even design her home! Now that's quite cool, even for a yuppy like me...

Here are screen shots of how my fairies (I have two, Alexia, a water fairy and Heather, the light fairy) and their homes look like.


  1. Glad you like the site!

    Love, Tinkerbell


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