Sleeping Naked

The Benefits

Comfort and health

Not only is sleeping naked more comfortable, but it's good for your health too. Increasing your level of comfort makes it easier for you to relax and sleep, so you get a better night's kip. The resulting deeper, longer sleep makes it easier for your body to regenerate and repair itself, and build up your energy for the day ahead.

Sexual benefits

If you sleep with a partner, being naked heightens the level of intimacy between you, and you are likely to have sex more often. You may also feel closer to your partner as a result of sleeping naked with them. There is also evidence of improved fertility in men as a result of being in cooler conditions thanks to wearing less clothing.

Work and lifestyle benefits

If you find yourself tired in the morning or during the day even though you've had at-least eight hours sleep, you may only be sleeping lightly for that period of time. As mentioned earlier, sleeping naked allows your body to relax more immediately, and you are more likely to fall into a deeper sleep more quickly and wake up refreshed.

Most common reasons 'not to sleep naked'

"What if someone walks in on me?"

Of course, whether or not you can sleep naked depends on the circumstances in which you live. For example: you may share a flat with others. Probably the best way to avoid this happening is to tell them you sleep naked. At worst, they will giggle, and you can refer them to

Being too cold at night

You should consider upping the amount of blankets you are using to keep you warm. You should remember that being too cold causes your body to restrict your blood flow, and sleeping in these conditions too regularly will hinder your ability to self-repair, stay healthy and may ultimately speed up the aging process.

Your partner doesn't like it

If your partner isn't comfortable with you being naked, you may want to speak to them about why this is. Ask yourself - do you have a healthy sex life? If not, then sleeping naked may be the least of your problems and you should speak to your partner.

"What if there is a fire/emergency?"

Keep a dressing gown next to your bed that you can wear, this will also be handy if you want to use the bathroom and it's a little cold. It won't take long to put on a dressing gown in an emergency, and you can do it while 'on the move' if you need to.

Other questions

"Does it matter if I wear boxer shorts instead of sleeping naked?"

Wearing any clothing could potentially cause discomfort while you sleep, as fabrics press against the skin and elastics cause tightness around the waist. You are more likely to roll around to alleviate the discomfort, potentially causing restless sleep.

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