Top 10 Reasons to Smile before 12noon!

mood: biggrin

Note: NOT in particular order. ;)

  1. My chikadora officemate. And all the chismis that she knows about the happenings in the office, the employees and the whole the company itself.
  2. Coffee. Makes me smile anytime and everytime I have some; not really a coffee addict though, just love it. but i'm thinking of minimizing my consumption nowadays.
  3. Chocolate. Any form it comes in, whether a chocolate drink, candy, biscuits, whatever, as long as it's chocolate!
  4. Inday jokes. I remembered this super smart Inday and decided to search for some posted collection of her speeches and I had such a good time reading them! Even Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda reportedly had to undergo nose bleeding!
  5. Blogs. My blogs, my precious blogs. Hehehe. I have 3 active blogs which basically have the same contents, but different looks and designs. I have a different set of audience and readers for each, so I'm quite happy despite of the fact that I don't earn any from the ads from adsense and some other things that claim they can provide additional income. Hmph.
  6. TV. This was before I hurried to the office. I usually turn on my tv so that something provides some sort of sound while I'm preparing to scurry to my cave in the hotel.
  7. Officemates. Not that I like seeing them per se, but i love hearing the stupid things they do to get attention and have an impression that they're rooting for Ms Congeniality.
  8. Radio. I can hear a blurred version of the radio that they leave on just outside my office window. The glass actually slurs whatever is playing, but it's audible.
  9. Telephone. I admire Alexander Graham Bell for this. It's one way of communicating with my chikadora officemate without physically going to her table. Minimizes the intrigues and office work backlog.
  10. Internet. Thank God for internet. It's one way of disregarding the chaos in my mind. My way of publishing my thoughts for the world to read and judge if they wanted to. And as far a clouded mind goes, it gives me some distraction of thinking of things I shouldn't be thinking of whole day long.


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