Me and my Migraines

I'm in the office right now, still suffering from an overnight case of migraine. Yep, that's right, overnight. This f*ckin' pain started last night and hasn't left me until now - and it's already 10:53 am! Crazy head! Grrrhhh!

As annoying as it can be, as I'm typing this, the throbbing lessens. So does this mean I have to type away my day so that I wouldn't feel too much of the migraine? Oooohhh, this is driving me crazy! I really wouldn't say it's because of the computer monitor because I'm actually using a laptop. So there's not much of that radiation. But I think my eyes are screwed up again. Maybe I really have to have my eyes checked. Hmmm... But I think that can wait, don't wanna drop a few bucks for that as of now. {it's throbbin' again...I hate it...}

Maybe it's my mellow music playing also that causes the throbbing? or.... or...... whatever.....

I wanna sleep but I can't because number 1: I'm in the office; number 2: If I lie down, my head hurts; and number 3: it's just that my head hurts.


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