Birth and Death

Today is All Saints' Day around the world, and in my world, it's my brother's birthday.

Weird huh? How two opposite things can be related and be celebrated on the same day. One is related to death, and the other... well, obviously, to birth.

I'd have to admit, I miss my family. Really. Just wanna make me cry. Duh. I haven't actually seen them in almost a year. The last time I was with them was last Christmas. Just imagine. I know my dad misses me too, 'coz he just can't stop reminding me to go home this Christmas. Anyway, for sure, I'll be home for Christmas - I basically don't have a reason to stay here in Cebu.

Anyway, I also have a loved one who has already gone to the other side of this universe - my uncle, Tito Amiel. He died of something related to his liver. What we all knew was that he had liver serosis {i hope i have the spelling right}. And they just didn't pay much attention until one day, he just went away. That was during my review for the board exam, August 22 (of 2005) if I'm not mistaken. I was in Manila then and I remember feeling really empty and helpless, and I just cried and cried and really got frustrated that I wanted to strangle someone because I knew they just didn't do all that they could, not even when my grandma was already pleading for help. I hated that day, and will continue to. I hated several people that day and swore that I will never be like them. Swore that as much as I can, and as much as I possibly can, I will never leave my family behind nor disregard their needs especially when it's related to their health. I swore I'll never be like them. I still stand by that vow. Although the feelings have subsided as time passed, I still remember vividly how I reacted and felt when I heard that my Tito was gone. I just wanted to fly home and burn down their house! Grrrhhh!!!

Hmph. Nonetheless, I just finished editing my Multiply layout. I got really bored at home and even if it's a holiday, I'm not writing this post from my office. I just felt I was cooped in my room and wanted to be free and yet be away from people. So, I went to the office. At least I have free internet access here. And I can also edit some pictures that I use in my layouts through my laptop. Hmmm.

Think I've got to go now. I have an 8:30 show to catch in studio 23. Hehehe. Studio 23 has lots of good shows. I'm an avid fan of these american series like Grey's Anatomy, Kyle XY, Smallville (Tom Welling is sooooo super cute!), and several others, and studio 23 has reruns of these for us folks who still cannot afford cable tv. mrgreen Some of the episode though are labeled "Fresh" meaning, they're not so delayed from the actual run abroad. So there. Have to go!

Mwuah! Have a great long weekend everybody!


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