What Men & Fever Have in Common

Found this in Chai's blog which was written by Mara... hehehe... enjoy reading!


What men and fever have in common.

Being the medical student that I am, I would like to apply my miniscule knowledge by classifying the taken men that have lingered in my life using the different types of fever. Haha.

Definition of terms:
* recall that the normal body temperature is about 37 degrees.
This temperature is the BASELINE.

1. Intermittent fever - this type of fever waxes and wanes, but when it does wane, it hits the baseline. Meaning, it goes back to the normal body temperature of 37 degrees after every febrile episode, then it goes up again.

2. Remittent fever - although this type of fever also waxes and wanes, your temperature NEVER hits the baseline. Thus, your temperature never normalizes despite the many ups and downs of your temperature.

3. Relapsing fever - this fever alternates with days, or even weeks, with baseline temperature.

4. Continuous fever - speaks for itself doesn't it? The fever that never goes down.

So, let me attempt to be profound. Haha. Am I trying to liken taken men to fever because taken men are in some ways, a disease? Haha. Perhaps.

As I mentioned, there is a baseline temperature. And of course what's the baseline in this case study? FRIENDSHIP!

1. The intermittent man

Temporal profile of the relationship: Months
Character profile of the man: immature.

The "honeymoon phase" of a relationship is filled with extremes. When you love, you love, but when you hate, all hell WILL break lose. This is why intermittent men are so fickle. Example, girlfriend starts to be demanding. Girlfriend begins to be ultra jealous. Intermittent guy starts to chicken out. Oh no, this is not the girl i fell in love with. Then he starts to seek comfort from a meantime girl. Why can't she be like you? I wish I pursued you instead of her. What will happen if I leave her? Do we have a chance? The barrage of flatteries carry on for days. He texts you the WHOLE day, asks if you've eaten, what you're doing. He tells you he misses you. He calls you up before going to sleep. And then, he STOPS. Why? Most likely because the girlfriend and him are chummy chums again. But the reason why it's intermittent is that when you see each other in school, when you see him and the girlfriend together, you act and you genuinely feel, that it's okay. You don't feel any pain when you see them eating, studying, laughing. It's because although there are some spikes of chemistry, you always return to the baseline. You always fall back to good old reliable friendship. And, the cycle starts again.

2. The remittent man

  • Temporal profile of his relationship: Years

  • Character profile of the man: expert. Several girls on the side and not likely to stop anytime in this life.

Oh, this man is HOT. He knows what he's got - the looks, the charisma, and he flaunts them like there is no tomorrow. He knows what women want and attacks until you're beaten senseless. When you're together, he treats you like a princess. But when you're apart, he doesn't text you the way the intermittent guy did, and because of the longer temporal profile of his relationship, he tends to be drop hints that you truly are just a meantime girl. Unlike the intermittent man, he deludes you less. Maybe our children will end up together. Funny thing is, despite the bombs he drops on your heart, he still knows the perfect things to say to keep you coming back for more. Sometimes, when I'm with my girlfriend, all I do is think of you, wish that she was you.. These are times I just sleep the night away, because I wish it was your arms around me, not hers.. You KNOW it's a line. You KNOW that he will NEVER leave her for you. But, this guy is SO damn good, that you lose your defenses despite your arrogant beliefs that YOU KNOW BETTER. Why remittent? You NEVER hit friendship. Just seeing the girlfriend tears you apart. Imagine what seeing them together will do to your sanity. Because you have TOO MUCH chemistry, when things end, and you KNOW it will, you will never see each other in the same light again. Unlike intermittent guy's girlfriend whom you can actually have a decent conversation with, you CANNOT look remittent guy's girlfriend in the eye because you are guilty. Because sometimes, the worst kind of cheating is NOT holding hands, NOT kissing, NOT even THAT deed. Sometimes the worst kind, is FALLING IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE. And remittent guy, because of his several, SEVERAL needs, falls in love easily with the girls who succumb to his power. I love you. Stupid oaf uses this carelessly. He may or may not mean it. But it doesn't matter. Still, more stupid meantime girl falls for it. Falls for HIM. Cycle repeats itself, never hitting baseline, and you always pray that it wont. Coz you never want to be "JUST FRIENDS".

3. The relapsing man

  • Temporal profile of the relationship: Variable. May even have more than one girlfriend
  • Character profile of the man: smug. If love was a game, he invented it.

This man is a true blue player. The one thing that's good about him is, hindi siya nambobola. He doesn't believe in having to sweep a girl off her feet, doesn't see the need for preliminaries. You are first and foremost friends. Well, with some benefits. He may or may not be committed, but unlike the abovementioned two, his conscience is more hypofunctioning, thus he has more girls than they ever will in their lifetimes. Relapsing because he wouldn't text for weeks, just to suddenly appear out of the blue. Like the intermittent guy, your friendship with the relapsing man is rock-solid. However, with relapsing man, the lines are crystal clear. There are no expectations, no delusions of grandeur, no misplaced affcetions. You both seek each other out just for the company, and there are absolutely no strings attached. You know all the girls he's involved with, and he knows all the guys you're seeing. You laugh at each other's conquests, talk about each other's relationships. It's the simplest arrangement of all. You have no illusions of ever being with him, of ever sharing something real with him. You know what kind of person he is, and he knows what kind of person you are. Others would call him, the alcohol ball. If there's a stress ball, there's an alcohol ball. You get the picture.

4. The continuous man
  • Temporal profile of the relationship: Variable.
  • Character profile of the man: disillusioned. Actually believes that you are his ONE TRUE LOVE.

You definitely broke his heart. And chances are, he never really recovered. You haven't seen each other for years. He has asked to see you several occasions, but you never really agree. Since you were the one who did the leaving, you know that you're in much better shape than he is. Maybe you don't want to see another human being hurt so tragically. Or maybe you just don't want to explain why you left him in the first place. Either way, you're really not into seeing him again. Then you decide, What the hell, we shared something, the least we can do is be friends again. So you see him again and WHAM. Big mistake. Despite the fact that he knows you're over him, the fact that you obviously are seeing other people, and the very IMPORTANT fact that he HAS A GIRLFRIEND, he constantly texts, constantly asks to see you.. Well you get the picture, he's constant, continuous. Tell him you'd go back to him and he'll drop his girl for you in a heartbeat. But you NEVER do. Because life was never meant to be THAT easy.

So, what kind of a fever are you?


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