I'm not feeling very well today. And for all the care in the world, I have no idea why I'm not feeling well. And I think I'm not making much sense right now.

My head's starting to throb already.I just hope it doesn't get to be a full-blown migraine attack because I'm starting to get fed up with the medications I try to take to ease the pain. I guess I'd have to upgrade my eyeglasses asap. Hmmm. I was planning on waiting until Christmas to do that, but my eyes are now on strike. I've been having migraine attacks for the past 3 months already. Even if some of those migraines were brought about by stress and too much thinking/worrying, I'd still vote for the eyeglass upgrade.

I also didn't want to take a quick after lunch nap, because then my body wouold really like the break and will then force me to do myself a favor and go to a deep REM sleep - which I definitely cannot do while I'm in the office. Poor me. Hmph.

Anyway, guess I'd have to cut this post short. Need to rest my eyes a bit.


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