Calm Yourself Down!

It's a pretty amusing day today... Started my day anxiously, v'been a little worried how the confrontation with the boss and the auditee would turn out - apparently, it went well. More then well...

I've been a little paranoid because it was actually going to be the first time it will happen for me, the auditee, the boss and the auditor (that's me) will have a "confrontation" and these things usually are pretty bloody. Hehe, good thing I was nervous as hell... Hahaha, joke.

Yeah, I was nervous as hell, my whole body was trembling, my hands were shaking while I was talking, and my voice also shook a bit. But a little later, I started calming down, but the process was not fast enough because the meeting already ended and I was still shaking. hahaha, tapang-tapangan ang show.

Anyway, it was okay, think my recommendations are going to be taken seriously, have to watch my back though from now own because I again saw how these managers will got to lengths just to save their slimy little butts...

Anyway, have to go... Need to relaw a little or else I'm gonna have a heart attack.


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