If You Want it YOUR Way, DO IT YOURSELF!!!!

This post is dedicated to the one and only most annoying Department Head known for saying one thing while she's face to face with you and then (pick one)

  • not saying anything because she doesn't have the gutts to,
  • says the things SHE wants done when the people who worked and perspired beforehand are no longer in the room,
  • says a different thing when you're gone,
  • or denying altogether that she ever said anything at all.


Don't you realize that almost every other department head and manager in this fu**ing company hates you and your guts (given that you even have any) because you ARE SO PLASTIC!!! GRRRRHHHH!!!

I am actually trembling because of rage for this woman! You are so hated right now!

But trust me, eventually, you won't be worth anything at all.


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