Blogging my Facial Regimen Experiment

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So I can share the ups and downs and I have some people to rant or rave on when the time comes. Hehehe!

So here are the before pics:
(Note: Sorry about the picture quality and colors, these are unedited shots - just cropped - so the colors are natural and were due to the light inside the room and the camera phone which adjusts itself in accordance to the surrounding light...)

So as you can see, the scars are quite disturbing.

Although there are some pictures (in my files) when the scars are really not visible (which is most of the time in the early hours of the day), still I'd really love to have that certain "glow", and to at least have the scars minimized. I definitely can't afford to have laser treatment, which a famous dermatologist here in Cebu City says costs PhP 8,000 per session, so I resulted to this experiment. I'll reveal what it consists of when it works.

So expect an update maybe next week. Cheers! minum

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  1. hi ano ginamit mo for that mas grabe pa yung sakin kaysa sa u. pimple scars email me naman sa links or what product did u use? taga cebu rin ako plzz

  2. Hi, I already sent a reply to your email... thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. hi ,.,hello po 22u po ba namawawala ang scars kah8

    gano ka lalim? pls,.reply nman po

  4. Hi Sidney,

    Actually hindi eh.. ang magnyayari lang jan is magla-lighten lag yung color ng scar mismo at ng surrounding area nung scar, pero hindi mawawala...

    Siguro pag tinagalan mo pa ang pag-gamit, kaka-peel nya, baka bumabaw, pero hindi sya totally mawawala, unless of couse, pumunta ka na sa dermatologist at humingi ka na ng tulong sa licensed derma...

    Pero kung ito lang ang gagamitin mo, I think dapat talaga matagalan para mawala ang scars mo, yung akin kasi, itinigil ko na, yung mga sobrang babaw, nawala pero yung karamihan which are malalim, andito pa rin..

    Hope this helps,

    - Cathy


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