The Easiest Way to Understand Casinos

Tomorrow is the concert of Jericho Rosales, Yeng Constantino and Christian Bautista here in the Pacific Grand Ballroom of Waterfront Cebu. And I think one of the sponsors is Pagcor (Philipine Gaming Corporation) which of course, manages almost, if not all, casinos here in the Philippines.

Speaking of casinos, I still am in awe of how they can just bring in hundreds and hundreds of people despite the financial crisis. Well, to that came, an online casino guide where we get to access top casino reviews from all over the world, free casino tutorials, free casino flash games for us who want to practice first before actually betting in, and casino affiliate programs. There's even a dedicated RSS feed for gambling news from the industry for those who wants to keep updated.

The website interface is very user friendly, the links and lines are clean - so far none broken - and the colors are not an eyesore. Of course, the contents are superb! Really understandable for newbies - like me - who only knows about solitaire as the ultimate card game; kidding, I know a bit of poker, but I don't gamble. Lol! To get updates as they are posted, better get it on your google reader or any RSS reader you like ('coz I didn't see a link to email subscriptions. Or maybe I just didn't notice where it was.)

Anyway, for newbies who wants to get a glimpse of the ultimate casino guide, drop by for details!

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