Beri-Beri, Swine Flu and Rape

It's a good thing to have Google Reader. Hehehe!

early in the morning I get to read the latest headlines from websites I choose, not having to search for all of them every time, nor flood my bookmarks section. I get o be updated real-time. Just like these:

Swine Flu may have been caused by human error.

Another Filipina cries Rape by an American Soldier

Beri-beri outbreak in Iloilo caused by Poor nutrition.

Superman Costume auctioned n Australia

Ex-NBA Player sentenced to 1 year in prison

Art Student Charged for faking illness

Jinkee Pacquiao - Newest Belo endorser

Pagadian GROs arrested

Now that's timeliness! Lol!

On a side note:
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