Wishing for my Own [dot]com Site

I have been blogging my way thru the internet since February of last year, and up until now, I haven’t got my own *.com site…. Terrible you might say, but heck, it’s too darn expensive. I just can’t afford it. Yet.

So one day I check my email. Ta dah… tad umm… ta dah… Aha!

Here’s one fancy email, it says “$1.99 Web Site, Includes hosting and more!”

Curiosity kills the cat. At least, this cat got caught off guard so I clicked on the email and read the details. Guess what? You can also avail of your very own website for as low as $1.99, they can also host it for you, they have 24/7 customer care,

...Just think – www.thebluespeckleddiary.com! Grrh...

where you can eat your heart out ranting and raving about your issues on your new-found hobby – your website! You can even choose what extension your site will be under! There’s .com, .me, .info and other dot dots you can think of.

I don’t mind if you get your OWN WEBSITE earlier that I would, and I’d rather think it was because of my help that you were able to do so. So here’s the link to that amazing opportunity, which opens more than a door. It can open windows too – to income earning through your very own website!

Imagine the possibilities! I wish I have more money now.



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