Christmas Give Aways - Want One?

As usual, as a sign of peace among all people and also to encourage our patrons to continue their loyal contribution to our company pocket, we give out things on holidays such as Christmas. Usually, these are composed of calendars, mini-planners/organizers, pens, posters, etc. And for the VIPs, these consist of turkeys, cakes, big executive planners, wines, and other high value items.

For this year I overheard that the budget for giveaways for one branch has ballooned to almost 2 million. Where on heaven and earth will we get 2 million worth of nonsense but sometimes useful giveaways? Imagine? Two million just for one branch? Crazy.

Nonetheless, our suppliers are fidgeting back and forth, going insanely excited as to who will get the opportunity to bag the title, “Supplier for Xmas Giveaways”. Would someone calculate how much they’d get if they can get the 2M thing?! Hello?!

So I started browsing the net for companies within and outside the country, looking for a benchmark price. Guess what, found VistaPrint. They have lots and lots of choices for designs – most of them VistaPrint claimed as unique, yet easy to personalize. {What?!}

Hehe… Why don’t you try it? They even have templates and designs for business/calling cards. *wink*

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