Re-arranging The Blue Speckled Diary

Even if all my fingers feel as stiff as pens, I would just like to inform everyone that I trying to re-arrange my blog a bit to rid of some of the clutter, plus, I might be crazy enough to add some bits and pieces of my own designs like that of my blog header...{Thank you, thank you...*ehem*}

It took me a while to recover some styling I've managed to single-handedly ruin after several trials of uninstalling intense debate. Nonetheless, most are already up and running, some were already overhauled, and some are well.... still to come.

Anyway, to all my subscribers, please take note that I have changed my feed URL so there may be a problem with what you're receiving via email - although I'm not entirely sure. Here's the new feed URL. So please update your subscriptions. please oh please!

And all the tweaks I've done so far, if and when I remember how I did them and to post them, then I will so that everybody would know about it, especially those who are just starting to blog and are not really hardcore programmers, so just stay tuned and subscribe to my posts. nerd

And also, I'm planning on posting more of those school project thingys like the "Salawikain" post, so that's a head's up. You can also suggest topics that you would like me to post here so that you can easily copy it down and submit it to your teacher. angel Or later on, I might - just might - put on a function that will allow you to directly print my post! Hehe, nice.

Again, if there are comments you'd like me to read or to reply to, or school projects you'd like posted here, then go ahead and leave me a freakin' comment.


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