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My attention was called by someone, I won't name him/her anymore (so sue me!marisini), because allegedly people from AB&C (even that's something!) are super updated with the happenings in The Office. Hmmm. Would you wonder too if you read this blog and you're NOT updated?

I'd say "allegedly" since not all my posts in The Office Chronicles are cross-posted to my multiply account. This whistle-blower person sounded so concerned with the degree of updated-ness (if there's such a word..) that people in AB&C are currently into. When I asked this whistle-blower person what things were the AB&C people "updated" in, he/she (hehehe, bite me.banyakckp) said that they told him/her that they knew he/she was in where he/she is in right now. Goodness, this sounds as if it's nonsense, but if you're directly involved in this situation, I believe you'd understand perfectly.

Anyway, so I asked, What's the use of a blog, if I can't write something to the effect of which it was initially created? What's the use of The Office Chronicles if I can't document what's going on in the office? Right?gile hahaha. Gotcha.

So let's go to the juicy updates. peace peace out whistle-blower person! I won't say anything about you. It's just that... you sounded so concerned I thought Ms Other Person already knew about T.O.C. ...

First off, there's always a scheduled First Friday Mass and departments are assigned to be sponsors. This time it was Finance, and guess what happened: only a few people attended - so few and late, at that, that Father also started late. Then there's the unpreparedness we all are so familiar with - this is not exclusive to Finance, mind you but then the people assigned to handle the different phases/tasks for the mass were not even there! It was so crazy that even the fruits to be "offered" came down late!

Hmm, and then there's also the bible study, which of course, would always have fewer audiences than that off Catholic religious rituals and ceremonies. Unless of course it's a born again church we're talking about - which this is NOT. So there were about, lemme see, 4-6 participants on the average. I wonder if the number of attendees would change if the facilitator also changes. fikir

Others, others.... I believe I can't mention other details due to a sensitivity issue. And there's also confidentiality. If I divulge more, I might have to close T.O.C sooner or later. We don't want that to happen, right? siul


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