An Office-Crasher on the Loose!!!!

Help! Someone went inside our office uninvited!!!! tension

Fresh from a long weekend and guess what I found immediately upon opening our office door! Someone (or maybe something? I dunno...gigitjari) had calmly entered our office and "used" our things. And because of my flaring temper - which I also held back enough to think clearly about what I will put into the memo - I have had to issue another memo to several department heads early this morning telling them how I came about noticing that several of our things inside our LOCKED office where out of place and apparently used by someone who has obviously gone inside the office and probably used these things and how that NO ONE is allowed to enter our office anymore unless one of us is present, or at least with my knowledge and permission.

What things? You're asking me what things? Well, I found the one and only plastic chair in our office was not in its usual nook. I saw it facing the mirror mounted on the door already with my blue pillow on it. The next thing I saw was RM's laptop's power cord, which I remember he wound and bound and placed on his table, was already attached to his laptop and plugged into our AVR. Good thing that someone remembered to turn off the AVR. Or maybe he/she/whatever did not know exactly how to turn it on in the first place.

So because I was a bit irked, I issued the memo which basically stated that:
Entry to the ** office by our ** staff or any non-** personnel during the off-hours or beyond office hours is no longer allowed, even with Security escort - unless at least one of the ** personnel is with him/her.
That should serve them right. PLUS, I pulled out our key from the Security Office, so no one else can even grant entry to our office - aside from us of course. takbole


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