MakeUp, Lunch and Juice

Just finished having lunch at our ever trusty canteen. Took the only veggies since I was grossed out looking at the other viands.

MC was trying out her new make-up bible - we termed it the make-up bible because it's container was as big as a notebook and it folded into three, basically looking like a book with a zip-up sleeve. She tried on green-ish eye shadow, two tones of lipcolor, and a light pink blush. She said she bought it for 500 bucks. I think it was overpriced.peace

Going back: during lunch of course we tried having polite and un-polite conversations, mostly of the new developments and the past of a news article, and MC had a lot to say. She was fuming at that certain "thing" {hehehe!} because what was indicated {I wouldn't say if it was written, said, or sang!} according to her was out of context. Besides, it appeared as if it was worsening things. IL on the other hand tried being on the side of the "thing", which turned the conversation into a shout bazaar. Nonetheless, it was not such a bog deal if done in the canteen.

Maybe this time the Others from Up there would miss us or lunch and stop staring next time around.

There's a fad on being fit and fab, and the only way we lazy people can jump into the cart was to drink this canned/bottled juice which claims that it can help make you fit and right. Prices started at P20, but it's now at P25. Talk about inflation IL! Hmm. Maybe she'll use the additional profit - if any - to buy the kid a new P2,200 bag. ka-ching!


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