Yesterday's Lunch among THEM

Or maybe not.

Yesterday's lunch was a bit...well...disturbing. Just imagine feeling 5 sets of eyes staring at you while you move along the way, peering through the plates debating with yourself whether to take that slice or not. Aside from staring, they were more talented this time, they were talking - and between several paragraphs, I imagine, they glance towards our table.

Hmmm... Games that people play. Didn't they realize that we were younger than any of them and that we may have more experience playing these kinds of "war" games in our youth? {which was of course, not so long ago...} So what we did was, I told X & Y that we were being talked about in the other table and about what I was about to do which was....takbole

I told them that we are to continue talking about anything, but I warned them that I was about to launch something that may, or may not, aggravate the situation. I motioned them to continue whatever that was that we were talking about and I will continue to glance at their table (the people I am talking about...) and act as if it was their group that was the hot topic of our day.

Guess what? I can see their eyes glancing at us, noticing that I was looking at them, and later on... they left their table. Although I'm not entirely crediting that to my glancing abilities, but maybe they were also finished munching on their lunch. But I noticed that they didn't allow their eyes to flutter our way anymore. Hmm. Good.gelakguling

Anyway, updates everyone. Everybody's on their toes behaving like grade school kids on probation in the office today. And another is that we received some news. Yes, we did. About what you ask? About something I would rather not mention here, or else you'd have to pick me up from the nearest garbage bin. tumbuk Haha.

Oh, and also, just a post script, if you're a person of small stature, don't wear ties that are more than 2 inches wide, or use bags that are big big. You'd look tinier. siul


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