Sure God has a lot of Sense of Humor - We hope that too!

Bloopers in the Cabinet
Apparently Dureza assumed God and GMA had the same sense of humor:

"I’d like to do a light prayer... I’m sure the Lord also has a lot of sense of humor and my prayer was in that context. I said something about the hope that the President would have the tolerance to serve the nation even beyond 2010," he said.

"What was grounded off was my statement that she will perform beyond 2010 in her personal and private capacity. Everybody thought it was a slip on my part but it was intentional in a sense it was a light prayer... but some people did not get it right maybe they did not have that much sense of humor."


Obama returns the call, Finally!

Press Secretary Jesus Dureza also said in an interview that Obama called GMA at 3:17 a.m. and “reassured” her of “good relations between the Philippines and the US” under his administration. {Wow, that's like what, 3Pm in the US? Funny he didn't realize there are time zones involved. Hehehe!}

“It’s more of a general statement on closer cooperation between the two countries,” Dureza quoted Ms Arroyo as telling him later.

...‘Oh, my God’...“That prayer was off the record"...

Ms Arroyo was not the only foreign leader Obama phoned Tuesday to follow up calls of congratulations to him.


ABS-CBN, announced that it will acquire 2.5 million shares (5 percent stake) at Multiply, a Florida-based social networking site. Multiply is the second largest social networking site in the Philippines after


Friendster Downtime
Friendster on the other hand, has been down for about 2 days of due to a data center power outage in Santa Clara, California. I was wondering how in the world can this company let a power downturn ruin their online regime? Haven't it occurred to them that a site of their size should have back-up power supplies and sources in other locations so that they can have extra leverage in cases on downtimes and power outtages? Sheesh!



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