No Profanities

I removed my chatbox (CBox) that used to be on my sidebar because some frustrated person decided to take his liberty and place some unnecessary comments and profanities on the chatbox.

Aside from being disappointed at how BARBARIC this person can act and sound, I was pissed because I do think and believe that in public blogs like this one, monitoring and controlling of untoward comments and events is almost next to impossible, but you should at least be decent enough to inform the owner that you are about to leave YOUR DIRT behind. I repeat, I was pissed off because no one, and I mean NO ONE can talk profanities in my blog through comments or what-nots unless permission to do so has already been granted to you. And as for you, crazy barbaric person, you are not allowed to leave your dirt here - whether you're a professional already or not. If you are, then shame on you. You could have been carrying a spotless reputation.

Now you sound and seem like you don't.


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