The Logical Conclusion

Hehehe.... That was our phrase for the night last night. It has an odd story about it, and as much as I'd want to share it to you, I just think I can't.

Anyway, I'm just gonna share something else today. I've discovered a link to a fantastic business idea, a home-grown Filipino website which basically draws from Alibaba. But the thing is, it's catering to the Philippine market and is set to attract lots and lots of Filipino businessmen who want some exposure to the e-trade. Well, this is your chance at that.

Introducing you all to AnobaShop!

This is run and managed by a well-meaning business oriented professional who also wanted to dip his toes on cyberspace businesses and this is one of his projects. He was also the brainchild behind our church's website. Anyway, you can try and register at AnobaShop and try out it's cool features - one of which is to be able to scour for new suppliers, post your own offers to buy or sell, or just be able to determine whether you have competitors and fish out ideas on how to strategize yourself with or against them. The thing is, this can broaden the geographical scope of your company's market, and because it's in the world wide web, other businessmen from all over the world can also view your company profile and products and maybe, if they choose to, conduct business with you! It's not only easy and user-friendly, it opens a world of opportunities - literally.


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