Waaaaahhhhhhh!! Sleepy me!!!

I'm in a bit of a "mess" right now - I'M SLEEPY!

Crazy me is sleepy. Yep, I know it's old news but I AM really sleepy. Think I dozed off last night at about 3 in the morning ( hehe) and had to wake up at 6 the next day 'coz I had to do a favor for a friend. Hmm.. wait a minute, haven't you all noticed? I haven't been rambling about my so called "lovelife"... Why?! Because I really don't have one, which logically means, I have nothing to ramble about.

So let's change the scene. I'm in the office right now, a wee bit relieved despite my heavy head, because our 13th month pay have already hit the banking cyberspace and escaped the maze of ATMs to drop right into my hands. Well, at least not all of it - have to save some for my trip back home for Christmas. You know how you need a little extra oomph when you go home for occasions such as Christmas... Hehehe...

Anyway, think we're going out of office premises this lunchtime to go to a near mall - to scavenge for xmas gifts. I'm also going to look around, nagpapatulong kasi si mommy para dun sa inaanak nila - stuffed toy daw na violet. Ako naman, I have this inaanak din, kaso di pwede ang stuffed toy, unless I want him to develop an inkling to be gay. {No offense..}


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