WIFE vs GIRLFRIEND...How Do U Know?!

How do you guys know if u've got a wifey or a girlfriend?!


*your girlfriend will hang up the phone when she gets mad
*your wifey will sit there and yell until u UNDERSTAND... even if you don't

*your girlfriend will smile and laugh quietly at your jokes
*your wifey will burst out laughing not caring if she looks wierd

*Only you will know when your girlfriend is mad at you
*Your WHOLE crew will know when your wifey is mad at you

*your girlfriend only knows a few on your friends
*your wifey has inside jokes with them

*your girlfriend remembers the day you guys started going out and your birthday untill you break up
*your wifey knows the day you started going out, your birthday, the first time you kissed, and so much more even after you break up

*your girlfriend will tell you what she adores about you
*your wifey will tell you EVERYTHING she adores and hates about you

*your girlfriend will be there untill you tell her to leave
*your wifey will be there even after you beg her to leave

*Everytime you see your girlfriend you smile
*Everytime you see your wifey you're heart actually feels different

*your girlfriend wants the best for you even if its not her and she tells you that
*your wifey goes through hell and it kills her to think of you with someone else thats not her and she tells you that

*your girlfriend will move on when its over and keep you there as friends
*your wifey will cry her eyes out and try to fix what went wrong

*you KNOW that she's a girlfriend when you look at her and think of some one else
*you KNOW that she's you're wifey when she's the one you think about when you look at some one else

Who came to your mind when you read the Wifey part?
Who ever that was... then that's your wifey....
If you have that girl now, don't let go. You might regret it...


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