More US Companies Might Close

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Just logged out from my email and saw the headline from Yahoo! Finance, 15Companies That Might Not Survive 2009. As an overview, here are the companies:

  1. Rite Aid - medicines, pharmaceutical items
  2. Claire's Stores - accessories, jewelries, etc.
  3. Chrysler - of course, you what that is.
  4. Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group - I have no idea, didn't quite read everything from its site
  5. Realogy Corp.
  6. Station Casinos
  7. Loehmann's Capital Corp
  8. Sbarro - darn. I liked Sbarro.
  9. Six Flags
  10. Blockbuster
  11. Krispy Kreme - too much of a sweet thing, huh?
  12. Landry's Restaurants
  13. Sirius Satellite Radio
  14. Trump Entertainment Resorts Holdings
  15. BearingPoint

Oh, well... Good thing I have been very blessed so far, amidst the crises. Nonetheless, let's not lose hope, and pray that everyone, yes everyone, is not that much affected by these.

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  1. oh no! krispy kreme and sbarro's?! i'm afraid this will directly influence our economy. i hope they don't fall.

  2. A sad statement on the economy - perhaps we are all focusing to much on the negative. Many people are doing well - cream rises to the top. Let's not adopt a negative attitude - the American people are strong and we will get to the other side of this current crisis. Wishing you the best.

  3. @Ginoong Ang: yes, both of yummy descents... hehehe.. i really hope to the best of my hoping abilities that they don't close down here in the phils too...

    @Marlene: Wish you the best too... Hopefully, US can ppick itself up and stand on its feet again... :)

  4. That's really too bad.. I like Sbarro, and it's surprising that Blockbuster's going.... I guess that model is on its way out, but it would be sad not to be able to rent old style anymore.


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