Smelly Blazer? = Annoyed Heart!

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Aside from the fact that my blazer smells like hell - because our lovely yaya just wouldn't say that she already has no more laundry soap, the sun hasn't shone at its best for the past 3 days, and so the darn blazer smells like it has been used for three weeks straight! Shirt! I have a annoying story from the Office right now....

My reports have been rushed, and now, they're stuck with Person A. - Pardon the anonymity gig... :) - When I logged into my messenger, offline messages from Person B said they need me to add something else to the reports. Darn, and the "best" part is that they wanted ME to ask for the details to add to the report, while the fact was that THEY wanted ME to add the things to the report. What the..?

I know it may be our job to look for the details of things because we're the audit people, but heck, they wanted to include this issue which was NOT part of the scope of work the Person A approved in the first place - they'd have to give US the details upfront, don't you think?


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