Hey Newbie, Be Warned.

To tell you honestly, you must be very careful. You're treading on thin ice here. I'm just quietly observing. So far, you're on your way to being the second person who didn't get past regularization in this department (probably even this whole company).


You applied for this job, you should at least show interest with what you're supposed to be doing. Auditing doesn't mean you just email people and wait for their replies. You have to get on your feet and go to your auditees, interview them, look at their facial reactions, dig for the documents if you have to. Don't just sit there and warm your office chair. You're not being paid to act as if you're the boss. Just waiting to get instructed and waiting for more. You're not supposed to ask me what you should out in your report because you were supposed to be the who was auditing, right? All the resources are available, you have soft copies, you can borrow the printed forms, you can interview, you can photocopy.. You just have to get your lazy as*s off that friggin' chair and start BEING the auditor you told us you can be during your dang interview!!!


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