OB Visit and Maternity Clothes

They're not exactly the typical maternity clothes we used to see our moms and others wear. I really don't want those. Lol! Good thing there was an ongoing sale in SM Cebu and spent more than 30 minutes finding the "design" that somehow doesn't make my eyebrows rise.

Luckily, I found 3 upper pieces, one that just looks a bit like an ordinary shirt, and 2 blouses that I can use in the office. they're quite comfortable since they're a bit big. Got them from Additions and Mama Care brands in SM department store. I also managed to find a pair of pants that fit me nicely. It has an elastic band at the waist so when the time comes, it can still fit.

Before heading to SM we went to my OB, Dr Cyd Raagas of Visayas Community. Good thing there really was no t a lot of people lining up at her clinic. She's only "by appointment" on Saturdays. So we went in, chatted a little about how we're doing, how we're feeling, etc. and then she said she'd want to check on the baby's heartbeat. So she asked her assistant to get the doppler so she can listen in.

It works like an unltrasound, only it just lets you hear the heartbeat, you can't see anything. So she started moving the mic around my lower tummy and was starting to look a bit worried or surprised or something that she still can't locate the baby's heart. For a few brief moments Dr Cyd and Tom heard the heartbeat but it was very faint, only means they were pointing the mic at a wrong location. Dr Cyd moved the mic around more and said that maybe the baby was hiding at the inner parts of my uterus that's why it's hard to locate. But even before she got frustrated, my baby finally cooperated and let us hear the most wanted sound for the day. True enough it was very clear and strong - this is when Dr Cyd said the baby might be a girl since she has a strong heartbeat. It sounded so solid already, more like an adult, only faster. The doctor said the baby's heart was going about 140 beats per minute. She was being technical, we were just elated and excited. Tom's face was so lighted up, you can mistake him for a Christmas lamp.

So our next visit will be next month. I'm also lying low on salty foods and junk foods. Darn. Anyway, I just had too, or else my feet will look like an elephant's. And I also had to take note of what I intake. The doc said I have to be careful since diabetes runs in our blood, and also just to prevent being hypertensive before giving birth. Hohum. Guess we'll have to buy more veggies now.  :)


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