My WANNA EAT Cebu Experience

"I want pizza. Hmm, Brasco."... "Brasco?" Tom flashed a questioning look. Here he goes again, he can't remember where the heck to go. "It's in Wanna Eat. IT park, remember?!"

My last update about my pregnancy is that there are a lot of smells that I can't stand. Somehow tomatoes and tomato sauce got included in that list a few weeks back, and garlic too, but I was surprised to find out that there's one kind of pizza that doesn't make me cringe - Brasco. Brasco is just one of the brands carried by Wanna Eat Cebu, an all-in-one food tripper's heaven located in IT park (Cebu City).

I think Wanna Eat Cebu just opened recently, since it was just a few days ago when we actually stumbled upon it while looking for a place to eat where I won't gag because of the odors and whatnots. It looks like a mini-food court and carries a really wide variety of choices for an individual, a couple or even a group. I personally think the main "attraction" of this place is that a lot of possible food choices are covered by just one place, as I mentioned a few statements ago, it's a food tripper's heaven. They have grilled meats, rice-based meals, even halo-halo, all these are housed under their MyJoy brand. Pizzas, pastas and tacos are with Brasco, and if you want to have coffee and/or chocolate (both yummy!) for your after dinner chikahan, then Butterbean is there to indulge you. For kids and "feeling-kids", fruit shakes are also available if you don't want to have sodas or regular juice. So if you're out with a group and you're about to spend an hour or so deliberating where you want to eat because no two of you can't make up your minds on what you want for dinner (even lunch!) then Wanna Eat must be your first choice. You can continue arguing with yourselves while you're inside. Lol!

Anyway, so why do I like Wanna Eat's Brasco? Because it doesn't reek of the smells that pregnant women might detest. I know because the moment the pizza was served I started sniffing it out. (It's a weird habit, I know. But even before I got pregnant I really do try to smell my food first.) That's why I know it doesn't smell or stink. We ordered the Brasco specialty, the Brasco pizza. And a slice of it looks like this:

And there's Tom, barely able to speak from eating his slice. Don't worry, we didn't have soda, that's Wanna Eat's specialty too, blended Iced Tea.

Another noticeable thing is that when the pizza has cooled down a bit, the oils from the sauce and the meat doesn't float right up the whole thing, unlike some pizza stores I know. Ingrid (the owner) also told me the meatballs in the Brasco pizza were from their very own recipe. Lucky, because the meat also doesn't smell at all. Of course, I rarely rarely eat pizza without hot sauce, so I dropped a very generous serving of that on my slice too.

After having the pizza, you can't help but to think about eating something sweet, I guess because of the colors inside Wanna Eat. Chairs and tables were of fuschia and yellow green, which on my opinion, subconsciously reminds you of cotton candy. We ordered their Mango Buko Pandan instead of halo-halo because I was afraid my tummy won't hold in that much anymore. Hmm, lovely. The mangoes were just ripe and the cream wasn't to overpoweringly sweet. Perfect even for those on a diet. Or for "sensitive-tummied" people like me. Hehehe!

You might want to try it out tonight or tomorrow or on Friday night, especially now that Wanna Eat Cebu has special promos for their customers. They have the Belly Many promo which boasts of increasing discounts when your order of their grilled pork belly also increases. I just forgot how much the discounts were but it works like this: if you order 1, let's say the price is at hmm, 69 pesos. (It's an example so don't bite my butt over the figures if they differ in actual, ok?) If you order 2 instead of 1, you'll just pay 59 pesos each. And if you order 3 instead of just 2 or 1, you'll just pay 49 each. Something like that. So it's really very advantageous if you order more than 1. This type of progressive discounting is also available for their halo-halo. So if you're craving for that, might as well go there now.

So there, I've actually managed to pin down one of my cravings, pizza. But not any type of pizza. Just like my mom was having cravings specifically for Manager's Choice of another pizza brand when she was pregnant with me, I think I'm craving for Brasco pizza. I'll bug Tom about it again tonight. Lol!

Oh and before I forget, if you're out and about doing freelance work, just want to check your emails while or after eating, or just feeling the urge to update your status message and need Wifi, it's available there in Wanna Eat. Charging or plugging in your power cords is free for the first hour, they'll be charging a very minimum fee for the succeeding minutes, so better be good on time and battery management. Lol! And yes, Sodexho is accepted.  :)


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