No Longer a DOFOLLOW Blog

I shifted back to being a nofollow blog. And I sincerely think that Blogger should have a spam blocking mechanism with their comments or a way to block a certain user from ever trying to comment again because I have this really annoying blog reader that uses Chinese characters in his/her username and sometimes in the beginning of his/her comment. And every time I see the email notification that I got that comment again, my blood usually boils and if I could just see that person, I'd strangle him/her.

He/she may actually think I don't get what he/she is trying at all. And you're absolutely wrong. I've been using the internet for quite a bit already, and so I know if you're trying to embed adult/pron sites in the URLs linked to several dots and periods within your comment. I'm not stupid. I'd rather think you should just stop because I'd never share PR with you or any of your porn sites. I hope and pray that you understand the meaning of this blog not being a dofollow blog anymore so you'd just stop annoying me with your stupid comments.


  1. i can't relate hehe. i use weebly and wix kasi. --


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